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MoU signed with TheCoded Inc.: Another breakthrough!

Great news!

We are most pleased to announce that Inferifi LLC and TheCoded Inc. have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a collaboration in various areas of the tech expertise fronts.

As we traverse new horizons in the world of Digital Transformation and state-of-the-art Business Intelligence services, we shall be privileged to work with a partner like TheCoded Inc., for we have shared interests, expertise and experience. Doing so, we hope to achieve many business objectives together and set the bar high in the industry.

From the Norway-based firm, a representative signed the MoU with Inferifi LLC in a formal ceremony at our Karachi Office in Pakistan.

We hope that this MoU paves the way for both parties to achieve many milestones together and, as the motto of TheCoded Inc. states, become the “Architects of Tomorrow” in the world of cutting-edge tech solutions for our clients around the globe.